How to update Iqama in SABB Bank Online?

SABB is a Saudi British Bank here, Iqama is verified of expatriates. Iqama term mostly referred to or meant as Muqeem; it’s a permit to the residence of a Saudi Arabia for living legally. Besides, it defines the legal status in Saudi Arabia, and it is allotted to those employed in KSA. The Saudi State demands ninety days of validity or renewal; in case of not renewing or updating it on time, it will expire, and the expatriates have to counter many problems.

In most cases, a message comes from SABB that your account is blocked because of not renewing or updating Iqama. Usually, the two most common and easiest ways to update Iqama in SABB; by visiting SABB BANK or online. Updating online is an accessible medium for this purpose and secure living in Saudi Arabia.

1- Update Iqama in SABB Bank via the mobile application:

The most convenient approach method where you even not have to move or visit any SABB Bank branch is via mobile application. It’s an online updating method. 

You have to first download or install the Mobile application in elementary steps.

Step 1: Go to PlayStore if you are an Android holder or go to iTunes if you are an iPhone holder.

Step 2: Log in to the account that you used for Iqama.

Step 3: After redirecting to the app, you’ll see a message “Update Now.”

It will happen when your Iqama almost expires, so a renewal is demanded.

Step 4: Tap on this “Update Now” button or option

A simple message popup of congratulating your Iqama has been updated with SABB Bank Online.

2- Update Iqama in SABB Bank via Internet Banking:

Secondly, through internet banking, you can also update your Iqama.

Here are simple steps to follow:

Step 1: First, log in to your bank account.

Step 2: click on the Setting option and tab on the left column of the new appearing bar.

Step 3: Here tab on the option “ID Expiry Update”

Step 4: Your Iqama details appear after tabbing on the ID Expiry Update. If your Iqama expires, it will show you an Update option. 

Step 5: click on the Update ID and wait for processing.

You’ll get online updating of your Iqama via this method.

Moreover, you may update through the provided link by SABB in their dashboard on their online web portal. They’ll only ask you for the Iqama number and its issued and expiry date. The system will verify the expiry date online and update your request.

Lastly, in case of not updating or getting no renewal of your Iqama via SABB Bank online, you have to visit the SABB bank branch near you, where you have to request for updating.

Steps to update Iqama by visiting SABB Bank Branch areas:

Step 1: search the nearest or closest SABB bank branch with the help of Google Maps or by using the Branch Locator.

Step 2: After finding the nearby branch, move to it and explain your coming purpose.

Step 3: The bank representative will request your Iqama for inquiry and verification purposes.

Step 4: he will make a copy of it and ask you to sign it, and then after, he will update your Iqama or ID.


Expatriates totally must renew or update Iqama before its expiry date. So, instead of visiting the branch after every expiry, these online methods are 100 times more accessible and convenient to approach.

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