How to check the STC SIM number in Saudi Arabia?

Several times it happened that people forget their STC SIM number. The reason may be a new arrival to Saudi Arabia and an activated new SIM number, maybe some other reason. Yet, there is no worry about remembering your unique STC SIM number that you forgot. Here are some simple ways to choose from the bellowing list and quickly check your STC SIM number. Besides, most of these services did not even demand a single penny in a balance to match the STC SIM number.

Here is the list of four simplest ways to apply or look for in case of forgetting STC SIM number;

1- By dialing the USSD code

2- By calling at helpline

3- By sending a free SMS

4- By using a CITC Web Portal

1- By dialing the USSD code:

Firstly, the easiest and preferable method or way is dialing a USSD code to check your forgotten or new STC SIM number in Saudi Arabia.

Here, you have to dial *150# code from your android or iPhone, which one you carry. After that, press the number “2” to check the number in English. The system shows you the STC SIM number on the mobile screen. After getting the SIM number on the mobile screen, you may copy it and save it.

Due to the ease of use, this way is accessible to anyone, and it demands no charges or deduction fees. So without holding a balance in your SIM card, you can avail of this service.

2- By calling at helpline:

The second most used method is to call STC Helpline to check the SIM number. Firstly, call at helpline the number is 900. Where you’ll receive a list of options, choose number one; press one option where you request your STC SIM number. After pressing this, the company representative will check your number and share it with you. However, in case of not getting the number, you can go for further process, where you press ‘9’ and again then press ‘6’ that will take you technical support; here, you can request for your STC SIM number directly or explain your issues while getting the forgotten number.

3- By sending a free SMS:

If the USSD code isn’t working, you may go for this third option: sending a free SMS for getting the STC SIM number.

Here you can send anyone of your known person to check the mobile number.

Please call me or share my SIM number with me to anyone of your relative, friend, or any known person and then send it free of cost.

This message even you can send to the other registered number that you have in your hand. The receiver person will get a message withholding your STC SIM number.

However, for doing this; you first have to dial the following code;


This code will let you send ten free-of-cost SMS to anyone from the STC network per day.

Besides, if you know the registered STC SAWA numbers with your ID, you must write 9988 in the message box. Send this message to the 902.

4- By using a CITC Web Portal:

In this method, you’ll get numbers via CITC Website. You can approach your STC SIM number or any other number registered with your ID through this Web Portal. Though, here you first have to create an account. 

  • First, visit the CITC KSA Website.
  • Register yourself here by giving them the necessary or required information
  • Thirdly, search out how to use CITC on the web portal
  • Next, CITC will automatically extract the STC SIM number registered and in your use.

5- By using MYSTC APP:

A beneficial and free-of-cost MYSTC APP offers you a direct approach to checking the STC SIM number in Saudi Arabia. It provides complete access to all those STC numbers under the user name.

Furthermore, the app is available for both Android and IOS users. So you can easily install it and log in to check the STC SIM number.


Here we come with the five most common and easiest methods to check the STC SIM number in Saudi Arabia for you. So, no need to worry about memorizing your STC SIM number. , use any of them and get your STC SIM number instantly.

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