Driving License Renewal

Residents and citizens living in the KSA can renew their driving licenses using online methods instead of going for a hectic visiting option. MOI, the Ministry of Interior of the SA, provided an official portal known as Absher for renewing a license.

Documents Required

  • Valid account on Absher
  • Your Fingerprint status
  • Your photo on Absher account
  • Fee payment
  • Medical fitness test

Rules to follow

  • Renew it within 180 days of the expiry date
  • All payments should be transparent regarding any penalty or traffic violation.

Driving License Renewal via Absher

The steps are followed;

Step 1: Open your Absher Account (if you couldn’t have an account, then first sign up)

Step 2: Log in to the Account

Step 3: Click on the “Services”

Step 4: Select the “My Services” option

Step 5: Then select the “Traffic” option

Step 6: Click on the “Renew Driving License”

Step 7: Read the requirements thoroughly and then go for the “Next” button

Step 8: Now, here you have to choose “license type” such as “Private Driving License”

Step 9: Next, select the license renewal period from two to ten years. And then click on “Next” to continue the process

Step 10: here, a page appears withholding a detailed note on terms and conditions; tick in the box after reading the page.

Step 11: Finally, by pressing the “Confirm” button, processing starts and a final message will show to you on the next page, “Congratulates, the Driving License renews successfully”.

Go for the “Print” option and get a hard copy of your Renewal Driving License

Move for postal delivery

Once after completing the renewal process; now you have to go for adding postal delivery. Select the “Request Postal Document Delivery” option. And opt sent to you for confirming your mobile number. This card will deliver to you at your given postal address. Furthermore, you may get this license card from the nearest traffic office by visiting it.

Steps are as;

  1. Select the “Request Postal Document Delivery” option
  2. Click on the ‘+’ button
  3. Select your “National Address” Saudi
  4. Give your number where you want delivery
  5. Confirm this number

A message will come to your given number that pays approximately 17.25 Saudi Riyals your delivery charges.

Collect from the traffic Police office

You may go with a traffic police office that is near to you. Here before going must complete your necessary documents.

  • Take appointment of Murror online via Absher
  • Take your original Iqama when Murror calls you
  • Take your old driving license with you at Murror (Traffic Police Office)

Police officers of the traffic department will take your old driving license and issue you a new driving license.

Note: while visiting the traffic office, you must keep your old or expiry original driving license with yourself. Secondly, your EFADA medical report must be updated in the system; otherwise, an error comes, and a message with “The medical report status isn’t available on the portal” is shown to you.

Renew Driving License

Driving License Validity PeriodFees
12 years80 Saudi Riyals
25 years200 Saudi Riyals
310 years400 Saudi Riyals


It’s effortless to renew your old or expiry driving license within 180 days by requesting online via Absher Account. This method saves time, and an Absher application lets you prefer it because of officially authorized by the Ministry of Interior of the KSA. Further, we make it more accessible to you by briefly explaining the renewal process in a short step-by-step guide.

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