Driving license fees In KSA

Here we’ll take a complete guide about driving license fees in the KSA and paying these fees via various platforms. So let’s move to the guide;

Types of Driving License and their fees

License TypeFees (Annually)Renewal Fees (Annually)Replacement Fees
Public Driving License40 Saudi Riyals40 Saudi Riyals100 Saudi Riyals
Public Work License100 Saudi Riyals100 Saudi Riyals100 Saudi Riyals
Motorbike Driving License20 Saudi Riyals20 Saudi Riyals100 Saudi Riyals
Private Driving License40 Saudi Riyals40 Saudi Riyals100 Saudi Riyals
Temporary License100 Saudi RiyalsN/A100 Saudi Riyals
Heavy Vehicle Driving License60 Saudi Riyals60 Saudi Riyals100 Saudi Riyals

When you apply for a driving license, you have to pay two types of fees. First is the driving license fee, and second is the driving school fee. And the renewing or issuing of a driving license is at least two years, and the maximum validity of this license is ten years.

1- Paying Fees via Online

You may go for the online option; the steps are as follow;

  1. Select the “SADAD Payment” option
  2. Then select “Government Payment.”
  3. Next, click on the “Driver’s License.”
  4. Lastly, click on the “Pay” button.

Note: while paying it, one thing should keep in mind; in case of any penalties due to not following traffic regulations, you cannot pay a driving license fee. Secondly, you must require an authorized medical report while applying for a license.

2- Paying driving license fees via Al Rajhi Bank

To pay your new driving license fee via Al Rajhi Bank, you have to do the following steps;

  1. Firstly, go to PlayStore or iTunes
  2. Please install the Application from it
  3. Then, log in to your account
  4. Click on the dots that are present on the upper side at the upper corner
  5. Now, pick the “Payment and Bills” option and click to continue the process
  6. Click on the “Govt. Payment” option
  7. The next page will open where select the following:
  8. From the “Services” bar, select “Driving License.”
  9. Then from “Application Type,” select “Issue License.”
  10. Select the “Payment” option from the “Transaction Type.”
  11. Next, in the “Beneficiary Id,” go with “Iqama number.”
  12. Select “License Type” such as, ‘Private’ or ‘Public’

After completing the process, the system will demand Pay from you. Pay the fees and get your Driving License.

Paying renewal of driving license fees

You can pay the renewal fee via online banking on your Iqama or ATM.

  1. Select “SADAD Payment”
  2. Click on Govt. “Payment option”
  3. Select the “Driver license” option
  4. Then select the “Renewal years.”
  5. After this, go for the “Pay” option and pay it now.

Driving School Fees in Saudi Arabia

Two types of courses are available; a Private course that costs 435 Saudi Riyals for regular applicants and Public driving license course also costs 435 Saudi Riyals for employees and individuals.


You can pay license fees online or via visiting the nearest traffic office. Besides, how many types of driving licenses and how many fee charges are applied to them? We’ll explain in a comparison form in a table format for more clarification.

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