how to register national address via SPL Saudi post website

National Address refers to as standard Id in Saudi Arabia of a Resident, Expat, or citizen. It is for international reconginzation and enables you to receive a service package from the Saudi Govt., including many e-services. The best official site to choose for registration of a National address is the Saudi Post Website (SPL). So here we talk about it in detail and explain how to use it and get your address registered.

Registered National Address via SPL

The steps are as follow:

Step 1: Redirect to “SPL” Website, open it

Step 2: Sign up for accessing the website services

Step 3: Select the type “Individual” and click on the “Next”

Step 4: Enter the “Iqama Number” and then select “DOB” click on the “Continue” button

Step 5: Next, enter your valid “Email Address” and registered “Mobile Number,” then click on the ‘Continue’ button

Step 6: An OTP sent to your given mobile number; copy it and paste it to the “activation code” block

Step 7: By clicking on the ‘Continue‘ new page come where you have to add Account “Username” and “Password” and then again click on the ‘Continue’ button:

 A message with a successful account registered will appear on your mobile or the PC screen.

After creating your account on the SPL website, move to the following process:

Register your National Address on its website

Step 1: Open the Website and Login to it (SPL)

Step 2: Select the “Addresses” option

Step 3: Choose your “National Address”

Step 4: Enter the required details, including your Region, City name, District name, and resident building number. After completing your information section, press the “Verify” button.

Step 5: Pick your “Street Name”

Step 6: Afterwards, a new page will appear to add your accommodation details.

For instance, Type of Accommodation like you live in a flat enters the flat number here. Secondly, choose the option based on ownership or rent.

After completing the entry process, you’ll see a message that ‘Dear Customer’ your National Address has been created based on your providing data.

Note: in case of incorrect entries, you will be legally punished.

Registration with Organization’s business sector address

Furthermore, a person can register their National Address based on their organization’s business sector address. Here commercial records and facility numbers in that organization will check by the system.

The procedure is as follow:

  1. The applicant has to enter his National Address to the Service Website
  2. Locate or identify the organization address via map or using address data
  3. Then address this location and identify it
  4. After this, fill this organizational address in the required field
  5. Next, click on the save button and press continue for processing


The National Address is an identity address that may call as standard Id of a person living in the KSA. Saudi Govt. offers an effortless way of online registration via SPL. You have to only sign up to this website and put your data according to the requirement. Website portal registered your National Address after verifying your documents and entering data.

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