Renewal of Istimara

Istimara is a registration document or a vehicle card issued by the Saudi Arabia Govt. to the vehicle owner. The owner must take this legal entity while driving in Saudi Arabia. The validity period of an Istimara is three years after issue, and before it becomes the expiry date, its renewal is essential.

Requirements for Istimara Renewal:

Before moving toward the renewal process, you must first fulfill all the requirements, and these are as follow;

Check the Istimara Validity:

Firstly, before renewal, checking the validity period of a vehicle is essential. Usually, the KSA is accompanied by three years of Istimara validity of a new car. However, if a person has used a vehicle, check its Istimara validity on the ABSHER account.

Clear unpaid-traffic Penalties:

Secondly, you have to clear all your remaining or pending traffic penalties. You may check the detail of penalties on the ABSHER account, and for this purpose, you can use your bank account.

Fulfill the FAHAS requirements:

It’s a certificate that allows the car owner after checking it professionally by the KSA Govt. It gives surety to the owner to drive its vehicle on rode confidently and legally. So having to fulfill all the FAHAS requirements while renewing your Istimara. The car inspection involved; lights and brakes, tires, carbon emission, and the bottom examination of the car.

Online Fee Submission for Renewal:

Yes, before requesting the Istimara, you have to submit the fee online, especially when getting a renewal from ABSHER. Usually, charges for private vehicles are around about 300 Saudi Riyals. Further, depending on the size of cars, the charges vary. Yet, while paying a fee, you’ll have the sequence number of the vehicle. It is usually a ten-digit number mentioned on the front of your registration card. If you hold an 8 or 9 digits sequence number, you have to add zero at the start of the sequence.

Note: If you forget your vehicle sequence number, you may get to know it through your ABSHER account.

Check the vehicle insurance validity:

Vehicle insurance is another elementary factor in the Istimara Renewal process. Several companies in the KSA offer their insurance services, and you have to choose any of them.

Ok, now congratulate if you fulfilled all these above requirements, as now the renewal of Istimara is just one step onward.

Renewal of Istimara:


By using this app or Website, you can not only perform all the steps more effortlessly, but at the same time, you’ll save your time. Both are similar and are online, so let’s move to the procedure;

Step 1: Open or redirect to the ABSHER account

If you already hold the ABSHER account, then login into it; otherwise, go for the signup option. Here give your necessary required information to the portal, such as number, name, and then wait for new account formation.

Step 2: Login in

Now, login to this account

Step 3: Select language

Select the language that is convenient to understand

Step 4: Go to the Vehicles option

Go to the Vehicles option tab and open a new bar containing different functions.

Step 5: Select the Services option

Next, after this, you have to select the Services option, where several services are shown in a list bar.

Step 6: Choose Renewal Vehicle Registration

In step 6, you have to choose the Renewal Vehicle Registration option, click on it. Then select your vehicle type and press the more details option.

Step 7: Search your vehicle number

The last step of the renewal procedure is to find your specific vehicle number in the shown list; this you may see by going to the Vehicle details section. 

Finally, find your vehicle number, click on it and press the Renew Istimara button. After this, you’ll have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes as the process of renewing is starting. On completion, a message popup with the renewal of Istimara is displayed to you. 


To sum up, this is all about how to renewal an Istimara and what requirements should be fulfilled before renewing it. Hopefully, after reading this informatory article, it’s become easier to renew your Istimara online, especially when choosing an ABSHER account for this procedure.

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