How to check STC balance in Saudi Arabia

Firstly, it’s essential to know what does STC means. It stands for Saudi Telecommunication Company that offers several services involving routers and prepaid/postpaid internet packages for their native residence and emigrants. It is a more widespread network than other networks due to providing more excellent internet services within the cheapest amount. Assuredly, after buying and subscribing to your favorite prepaid or postpaid package, you have to check your STC balance. Here, we took five best and easiest ways to check your STC balance in Saudi Arabia.

  1. By Dialing Code
  2. By using STC Application
  3. By Sending SMS
  4. By Calling at Helpline number
  5. By visit out the STC website

By Dialing Code:

 It’s as simple as you ever thought, you have to dial code, and your STC balance will show to you on your mobile screen. However, there are two different dialing codes. Firstly, if you are going to check the SAWA balance, the dialing code is *166#. Secondly, the dialing code is *888*5# for checking the STC internet balance. After dialing according to your requirement, wait for a second processing method, and the balance will display on the mobile screen.

By using STC Application:

The second most used method is to use an STC Application. Here you have first to install this STC Application from the PlayStore. After installation, register yourself and give necessary information such as the number name. Verify your mobile number via OTP sent from the company. Then after getting registered, you are free to use it. Only you have to redirect to it and check the STC balance at any time anywhere. Plus, this Application even shows internet various packages details.

By Sending SMS:

If you aren’t convenient to use any other method, you may send the SMS method. Here you have to send an SMS for checking the STC balance. To check the STC balance, write 166 in the message box. After this, send this message at 900. You’ll get a message containing the SAWA balance after a few seconds. Secondly, for checking the SAWA internet balance, write code 2220 in the message box and send it to 900. Soon, after sending this message, you’ll receive a message of your remaining SAWA internet MBs.

By Calling at Helpline:

Lastly, a little difficult way to check the STC balance is via Calling Helpline. It is a little difficult to approach; it takes much time. Firstly you have to call at 900 then wait for customer response. After contacting the company member, you’ll discuss your problem of getting confused while checking the STC balance. The representative will soon guide you on the exact approach or tell you you’re’ STC balance directly after checking it. This method took time, but it will direct the customer to the company representative, which helps inquire about balance. So the customer has to call the helpline by dialing 900 and selecting the balance inquiry option.

By visit out the STC website:

As mentioned above, it’s not common, but you may try this to check the balance. Although, for this, you have to first login or signup for the STC web portal by adding your specific information, including number, name. After this, you’ll receive an OTP on your number, click on it and log in to the Website. The Portal displays your STC balance, activated packages, and remaining internet MBs.


So here are the five common ways to check STC balance; by Dialing Code, using STC Application, sending SMS, calling at Helpline number, and visiting the STC website. You can apply any of them for checking prepaid and postpaid STC and SAWA internet balances. Besides, only some applied charges provide fast internet and other worthy services than its competitors like Mobily and Zain. It is a more widespread network than other networks due to providing more excellent internet services within the cheapest amount.

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