How to Transfer Family Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, it is mandatory to transfer family sponsorship in case of the death of the head of the family or father. This is compulsory for the family members to change their sponsorship to someone else instantly. In this article, you will get a complete step-by-step procedure of how to transfer family sponsorship in Saudi Arabia. Although the procedure is a bit complex here you will find the most comprehended details.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this rule is only applicable to families whose son is already working under another company or sponsor in Saudi Arabia. Also, this family transfer sponsorship does not cost any fee.

Documents required for transfer family sponsorship:

  1. A copy of your original passport and legal Iqama with the eligible profession.
  2. Copy of your birth certificate translated into Arabic.
  3. A letter in Arabic explaining the reason for the transfer of your mother and siblings under your sponsorship.
  4. Salary certificate and NOC from your company validated by the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. A GOSI (General Organization of Social Insurance) with mentioned salary same as in your salary certificate.
  6. Also, the copy of your death certificate of your father and a copy of your mother’s passport, and Iqama.
  7. Your father’s passport copy and Iqama.
  8. Confirmation letter of your schooling brother if they are under 18, along with a copy of his birth certificate, passport and Iqama (translated in Arabic).
  9. An Arabic confirmation letter if your sister is still unmarried along with a copy of her birth certificate, passport, and Iqama (translated in Arabic).

How to Transfer Family Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia?

The applicant needs to submit all above- mentioned documents to Jawazat that is Legal Affairs Department of Saudi Arabia. Once your documents are verified by Legal Affairs Department, they will issue you a letter acknowledging to court to issue a verification letter.

Getting Verification Letter from Court:

In order to get a verification letter from the court, you need to bring the following mentioned things with you to present in the court.

  1. Dependents Original legal Iqama and its copies along with yours.
  2. The letter received from Saudi Jawazat that you got in the above procedure.
  3. Your 4 witnesses to confirm the death of your father and you are the only legal guardian available to take responsibility of your family.

You will have to present yourself in the court along with the things mentioned above and depict your whole situation to the judge. In case, you are unaware of Arabic then the court will arrange a translator for you. Once the judge has listened to your situation and has been satisfied with the requirements and witnesses. They will ask the witnesses to sign a paper and release you the verification letter.

Submitting your documents to Jawazat:

Once again you need to visit the Legal Affairs Department of Jawazat and submit your all documents along with the verification letter you received from the court. The department officials of Jawazat will write a case for you and claim it to proceed with transfer in some days.

Process for transferring family Sponsorship:

You will be asked to revisit the Jawazat office and

  • fill the transfer forms of each dependant
  • fingerprints of each member in the fingerprint enrolment department
  • original and copies of passport
  • original and copies of valid Iqama
  • passport size picture of each dependent (recently taken)

Submit all the documents to the Transfer of Service Department of Jawazat containing a letter from the Legal Affairs Department. Additionally, the Transfer of Service Department will transfer your all family member under your guardianship. Hence, you have successfully applied for the transfer of sponsorship and you will soon receive a message on your phone or notification on the MOI Absher sponsor services.

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