How to Check Iqama Expiry

Are you an expatriate in KSA? If yes then this Blog will answer your question of How you can check the Expiry of your Iqama.

What is Iqama / Muqeem

Iqama, more commonly known as the residence permit, is an identity card issued to every expatriate residing in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Without having a valid and active Iqama, expatriates cannot work in the country. They face severe penalties along with jail time and forceful return to their home country. 

Therefore, you must check the status of your Iqama every month and apply for its renewal beforehand. To check how long your Iqama is valid, you need to check its expiry date by either visiting your nearest help center or following our simple guides below to view the Iqama Expiry date online.

Importance of checking your Iqama Expiry:

As mentioned earlier, Iqama is the legal work permit for every person working in gulf states. If your work permit has expired, it means you are working illegally in the country and are therefore subject to punishment for it. The punishment varies from heavy penalties to a long time in jail, and in critical cases, the person is even banned from the current country they are working in. 

Hence, without further ado, let us discuss how you can check your Iqama expiry date online in different ways.

How to Check Iqama Expiry online:

Method one: Using the Absher Application

The most convenient way to check your Iqama expiry date is to use the specifically designed Saudi Absher mobile application for it. With this, all you need to have is an active Absher account username and password to log into your account and check Iqama expiry. 

  1. Start by downloading the Absher application from Google or Apple Play store. Or you can simply open the Absher portal on your computer by clicking on the link: 
  1. Once this is done, select the individual mode and log into your Absher account using your username and password. 
  1. In case you are using the Absher portal for the first time, start by signing up using your phone and Iqama number and then continue following the next steps. 
  1. Select English as your preferred language and enter your phone number and other prompted details. As soon as you are done, you will receive an OTP code on your registered mobile number.
  1. Enter the OTP code correctly to confirm your identity and wait for the screen to refresh. Now, look for the Query Iqama Expiry Service option from the Dashboard and click on it. 

Sure enough, now all your Iqama details along with its Expiry date and status will be displayed on your screen!

Method two: Using the MOL website:

This method is recommended to everyone with no registered Absher account or for those who have forgotten the password of their account. Along with this, if your registered phone number on Absher account is no longer in use, you should follow the simple steps below to check your Muqeem expiry. 

  1. Start by opening the ministry of labour website by clicking on the link: Now, use the language drop down list to select between English, Arabic or Urdu. 
  1. Secondly, enter your Iqama number in the mentioned slot correctly along with your date of birth in either Hijri or Gregorian calendar. You will be shown a captcha image, enter the code correctly and click on the next button.

Finally, your Iqama details along with its issue and expiry date will be displayed on screen for you to check if your Iqama needs to be renewed or not.

Method three: Using the MOI website:

This method applies to all those people who don’t have an Absher account or have forgotten its phone number and password and want to view Iqama credentials including its expiry date online.

  1. Start by opening the MOI portal by clicking on the link: and logging in to your account using your username and password.
  1. Once your Dashboard is displayed, look for the Iqama Expiry tab and select Iqama Expiry Query option from it. Next, you will be asked to correctly enter your Iqama Number and image captcha code.
  1. Finally, click on the view button and wait for your screen to load. Your Iqama credentials consisting of expiry date, validity status and other details will now be shown to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What to do if Iqama expires?

 If you check your Iqama expiry and find out that it has already expired, apply for its renewal as soon as possible. A fine of 500 riyals is imposed for three days if you continue using the expired Iqama. This fine is one thousand riyals for the second year and results in the immediate deportation of an expatriate for the third year.

How many days can we stay after Iqama expiry?

A default grace period of sixty days is given to every Saudi Arabian expatriate by the Saudi Jawazat. Although, there are certain exceptions to this, including those workers part of the Nation without a Violator relief campaign.  

What is the penalty for expired Iqama in 2022?

The fine for living on an expired Iqama is 500 riyals for three days of the first year, 1000 riyals for the second in a row and an additional fine and deportation to home country for the third year.

What is the cost of Iqama renewal?

This varies depending on how long ago your Iqama expired. The renewal fee is SR 163 for three months, SR 325 for six months, SR 488 For nine months, and SR 650 for one year or more.

Which profession will not be renewed?

Despite all workers having expiry dates on their Iqama, certain professions do not need their Iqama to be renewed from time to time. These include:

  • Heads of labour and personnel affairs
  • Hospital, receptions, and hotel clerks 
  • Personnel section heads
  • People of grievance departments 
  • People with government relations

Final words:

With that being said, we conclude our article about checking Iqama expiry online in 2021. We hope you followed our step-by-step guides to learn whatever method is most feasible for you to check your Iqama expiry online and plan on doing so every month to save yourself from any possible penalties or other legal problems.

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