How to activate digital Iqama in ABSHER

Saudi Arabia introduced an innovative solution of holding ID by offering digital Iqama services to its citizens and expatriates. Besides, MOI of Saudi Arabia launched this revolutionary facility to provide ease and let their country take a digital step toward modernization. A digital Iqama refers to a resident or a citizen living in KSA; this digital ID is a legal electronically generated permit to the holder. A person couldn’t need to carry his Iqama card anywhere if he has digital Iqama on his mobile. Using your ABSHER account, this digital Iqama or ID is an electronic pic you may create and activate via elementary steps. Activate digital Iqama via ABSHER App

ABSHER individual app launched and monitored by the MOI lets make the digital Iqama activation easier by following steps; this app is different from the ABSHER application of MOI, where you can avail of general services. So, not to confuse these two different ABSHER services of MOI.

Steps to follow to activate digital Iqama

 Step 1: Go to ‘PlayStore‘ if you are an Android Holder or ‘AppleStore’ if you are an iPhone holder.

Step 2: Search here ‘Absher Individuals’ app from the store

Step 3: Download the app ‘Absher Individuals’

Step 4: Log in to this app by entering your username and a password of your ABSHER account in the respective boxes

Step 5: Now, press ‘My Services’

Step 6: Click on the ‘Activate digital ID’ option

Step 7: Move to the next page, where at the bottom, there is again appearing ‘Activate digital ID.’ Click on it for complete processing.

Your Digital Iqama, you may call Digital ID, is activated on Absher after performing these simple steps. Access digital Iqama while offline

After activating your digital Iqama, you may access it while offline. So no worries as there is no internet facility compulsory.

Here is how you can access offline:

1. Redirect to the Absher Individuals App

2. Scroll down an option seen with Access Digital ID

3. Click on Access Digital ID

4. Here, finger-prints or other authentication process is demanded by the app to unlock it

5. Use your finger-prints and unlock the app

6. After, authentication; the app is open, and you can see your Digital ID offline

Moreover, if you are fed up with unlocking the app repeatedly you may go for the screenshot option. Take the Iqama screenshot and save it to your mobile.

Print a digital Iqama

After activating it, you can go for the screenshot option to view it offline at any time or via Absher individual app by simply logging in and moving to My Services. Next, if you look for one step forward, you want to print it and convert your digital ID to pdf format. Connect the device to the printer and give a print command of your Digital ID. A hard copy of your Iqama was created through this, which you may save like a document form.

Benefits of Digital Iqama

  • Having a digital Id means no need to carry your Iqama card while moving into the country.
  • You’ll prevent any penalties that may result in case of not holding an Iqama card on the spot.
  • If you lose the Iqama card, you’ll calmly start the finding process or request a new one.

Wrap Up

Assuredly, a digital Iqama is just a blessing for both KSA citizens and residence. It saves time, and you can activate it by sitting at home. Secondly, a screenshot of this electronically generated Iqama will easily save to your mobile phones, so they need to carry cards anywhere is eliminated. We took a hassle-free and free-of-cost way to you; activate it via the Absher Individual app. We’ll explain it step-by-step guide form to you. Activate it and make your life more revolutionized while living in KSA.

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