Check MOI Traffic Violations

Many electronic modes are available to check traffic violations in the advanced world. Similarly, the MOI Ministry of the interior of the KSA introduces different methods to check traffic violations and pay fines or penalties through these mediums. This MOI did make the traffic system better and reduce accident ratios in the country. Basically, in this, fines are applicable on the vehicle owner in case of violating any rule, for instance, crossing signal violation and wrong parking of the vehicle.

Here are some easy ways to check MOI traffic Violations Online

Go to MOI Traffic Violation Site

Go to the MOI Traffic Violation Site of the KSA and select the Traffic Violation option.

Here you will see a new screen demanding your vehicle info.

  • Enter the vehicle type and plate number to their respective places.
  • After this, a new bar opens with withholding spot, date, and description options.
  • From here, you have to select the Settlement of Violation option
  • After selecting it, press on traffic services and then on traffic violations that will appear after this.
  • Check your traffic violation details here, and then go for a payment.
  • Please apply for your smart card and pay with it.

Or, in case you are not convenient to pay online, you may visit the traffic department nearby you. Your information will be scanned and checked, your violations and the total penalty, pay on the spot, and the traffic violation card removed from your vehicle.

Check via ABHSER Account

You may go with the ABHSHER account in terms of checking your MIO traffic violations.

  • Redirect to ABHSER account or its web portal.
  • Two options will see to you on the ABSHER homepage
  • Select the Individual one
  • Change the language of the portal according to your preference.
  • Now, log in to your current ABSHER account via Iqama number, password, or ID.

Check Violations via SMS

  • Expats may check MIO traffic violations via sending an SMS. In this, the STC holder should send SMS at 88993.
  • Whereas Mobily customer has sent SMS to 625555 to check its traffic violation.

Check Violation via ID

The MOI traffic police already hold your mobile number while registering your vehicle. So, in case of any violation, your ID is also involved in checking. 

Besides, you aren’t holding the official SMS; you can check it by dialing the 011-292-888 code from the mobile; on connecting, press ‘2’, which will redirect your call to the English language. 

Move to the traffic violation section by pressing ‘1’; enter the Iqama number here. The system will give you the traffic violation ID.

After checking or confirming that you violated traffic rules, you can check its details, such as when you violated, where, and how much fine you will charge on it. Besides, you’ll check the number and camera location as well.

  • Redirect to the Public Query that is regarded as Traffic Violation
  • Change language according to preference
  • Enter the number of your Iqama and the ID that is violated in the respective boxes
  • In the 3rd box, put the captcha ‘image code.’
  • Next, click the view button.
  • Here come all your MOI traffic violations details

Check MOI Traffic Violation via ATM

You may check your traffic violation via ATM

You have to go to any of the ATMs that are nearby you.

  • Insert the debit card into the ATM
  • Enter your debit card password
  • Click on Services, Go to Traffic Violation option
  • Ask you to enter Iqama number
  • Put your Iqama number in the given box
  • Traffic violations show on the screen that is attached to the Iqama


Anyone who wants to check MOI traffic violations should use the most comfortable way and check it online while sitting at home. Or, if it is a little difficult to check through the net, you may go for the nearest traffic police office or check it via ATM. Besides, all these services do not demand a penny from you to prevent violations. So try any of one of these free-of-cost services and check your MOI traffic violations without moving anywhere. Further, these hassle-free ways save your time and energy by providing you with the best services.

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