How to activate a digital driving license in Absher

There is almost no more necessary for hard cards or documents in this revolutionary world. Everything is online via computer technology, especially the next advanced generation that will run the world. So, documents and other essential cards usually go to the digital version. A digital driving license is also the modern step toward electronic or computer media. It’s a highly secure form of your driving license card that you may save on your phone and use whenever you need.

Moreover, it was launched with the collaboration of MOI and GTD of KSA; MOI lets the activation process easier by letting it do in Absher individual app.

Here we explain via step by step guide that you can activate your driving license in Absher.

Activate digital driving license via Absher individual app

Step 1: Go to ‘PlayStore’ if you are an Android Holder, or go to ‘iTunes’ if you are an iPhone holder.

Step 2: Search here ‘Absher Individuals’ app from the store

Step 3: Download the app ‘Absher Individuals’

Step 4: Log in to this app by entering your username and password of your ABSHER account in the respective boxes

Step 5: Now, press ‘My Services’

Step 6: Here, go with the ‘Digital Cards’ option

Step 7: Then, press the ‘Activate the Digital Card’ button

Step 8: A new bar with various options come; scroll down and find ‘Driving License’ from it that is present below ‘Resident Id’

Step 9: Next, click on the ‘Driving License’ and then press the ‘Review Detail’ button

Step 10: On the next screen, an option come ‘Activate Digital License’; click this button

Congratulates; your digital driving license is activated in KSA via Absher Individual app

Moreover, you may take its screenshot for offline usage.

Advantages of having a digital driving license

  • In case of emergency, you can’t pick your driving license card with you; you can show this digital license.
  • Its screenshot will provide more ease, and you don’t even need to have an internet connection.
  • This electronic license can save you from several penalties or fines.
  • No need to carry your original driving license at all times while driving in KSA.


A Digital driving license is a substitute for a License card, which you can use in place of the original card. This modern way of holding digital DL enables carrying, preventing citizens or ex-pats from fines. Further, MOI introduces its Absher individual app that lets you quickly activate and download this digital driving license in pdf format. Hence, by using the Absher individual app, you can digitally activate your driving license, take a screenshot of this license, and save it on your phone, making driving possible in KSA even without the original license.

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