How to Register National Address in Saudi Arabia?

Now, every person living in the KSA, no matter if he is a Citizen or a Resident, must register its National Address in the KSA system. It is necessary to get a legal permit from the KSA Govt. and make you able to enjoy all the facilities or services that a KSA provides to its citizens and ex-pats.

For this purpose, city name, building name/ number, neighborhood, street address, mobile number, and zip code are essential information that is needed.

Register Via’ National Address Locator’ Application

Here we took a simple step-by-step guide for you;

Step 1: Download the ‘National Address Locator’ Application via ‘PlayStore’ or ‘AppleStore’. After installation, please open it and set your preferred language from the given two options; English and Arabic.

Step 2: You’ll be redirected back to the home page after this. Now, your app is installed successfully, and you’ll see various locations in the KSA on it.

Step 3: Open your application; a question shown to you is whether you let us access your location? Agree with it by clicking yes or ok. The second question shows; whether you let us access your phone gallery? Go for yes again for using the application.

Step 4: Put your ‘residential address’ by allowing the map to locate it live. Here, be careful not to confuse the residential and current address meaning. You have to locate your residential maybe it is different as you are sitting outside from your house.

Step 5: After locating the address location of your resident, you have to go for the ‘Resident’ option. Click on the ‘Resident’ option. A complete address will appear at the bottom of this address locator application.

Step 6: After locating the National Address, you can now move to the registration process. For this, press the ‘Register National Address’ button. A new tab opens where you’ll see three options; Registration of individual, Registration of Business Sector, and Registration of Govt. Agencies.

Pick one and press according to your personality type; like you can choose Registration of Individual. After choosing this, a new page containing two more options will open; option 1, ‘Registration of new address,’ and option 2, ‘Update previously address.’ Go for option one as you are going to register your national address.

Step 7: After clicking on ‘Registration of new address,’ a new page will open with withholding terms and policies noted on it. Read them thoroughly and press the ok button in the check button; doing this means you agree with the terms and policies of the application. Then after pressing the ‘Register’ button and the process continues.

Step 8: A new page will open; this page application demands necessary information regarding your address, including region, resident city, district, and a 4-digit building code. After fulfilling the information section, press the ‘Verify Address’ button.

Step 9: Next step is to add your personal information, including your National ID, ID type, Absher registered mobile number, email account address, date of birth, and expiry date of your Iqama.

Step 10: After this, the ‘Residency information’ heading appears on the screen; here, add the legit info of your residency; including; Residency type, ownership, building number, renter. After filing it press the ‘Next’ button for further processing.

Step 11: Now, an activation tab is open, and a Verification Code is sent to our mobile number.

Step 12:

  • Open your message box.
  • Copy that 4-digit code and paste this to the OTP tab.
  • Press Verify button.
  • If you couldn’t receive the code, get it again by clicking the Resend button.

Step 13: After the verification process completion, a new page opens where you review and verify all the given data is shown; take a screenshot of your added information; this will save you from creating any problem in the future.

Step 14: After confirming and ensuring that all you’re provided legal and personal information is correct, go for the final registration step. Press the ‘Register’ button and submit your request for National Address registration.

Step 15: Lastly, a new page opens where you first switch to English by clicking on the ‘English’ option. Now, you can see a message of ‘The national address is activated,’ activating Registration within 24 hours.


It’s all about how to register your national address in Saudi Arabia. There are also some other popular methods, but we choose this National Address locator application; as it is safer and hassle-free. Hopefully, you can register quickly after reading our step-by-step guide.

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