Applying for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia introduces its e-services to make the lives of ex-pats and citizens easier. People also use this e-service to apply for a driving license; this saves time and ensures authenticity. So apply this online and get legally certified for driving by the KSA.

Basic Requirements

Before moving to apply process; things to consider or basic requirements are;

  1. Applicant age should be at least 18 year
  2. Applicant must give its medical report
  3. Applicant must provide Civil affairs ID copy
  4. Applicant should give its four passport pictures
  5. Pay the fee online or through any demanded process
  6. Applicant Iqama copy

Note: if you are a resident and hold your country’s driving license, you go for a driving test. Otherwise, you have to first go for thirty-ninety hrs. of driving training.

Applying for a driving license via online (e-service)

Step 1: sing up for getting lessons on driving licenses from the available driving schools.

Step 2: fill out the online form by adding all your required information in their respective demanded boxes or spaces.

Step 3: send your application after filling it out.

Step 4: after application acceptance, you’ll get a verifying message of your registration.

Step 5: perform all the activities, including practical and theoretical

Step 6: After completing driving exercises and lessens; check your status

Step 7: for this, you have to log in to Absher account

  • Open the “Absher Account”
  • Press the “My Services” button
  • Then click on “Inquires.”
  • After then, click on the “Traffic” option.
  • Next, choose the “Public Query Driving License” option from the “Traffic” tab.
  • Here, enter your essential information, such as your National Id DOB.
  • Lastly, click on the “View” option to see all your provided information for the driving license. After reviewing it, click on Next.

Applying for Driving License via visiting the Traffic Office

Step 1: Application Form of Driving License

The provided form will be in Arabic, so you must fill it in Arabic. You may go for an agent to fill it in 20 Riyals.

Step 2: Go to Dallah Driving School

After filling out your application form, move to the Dallah Driving School near you. Stand in the queue and get a token with a B letter.

Step 3: Go for the First Attempt

In this, you’ll go for the first Attempt, or you may say it the first trial. Here, you’ll see two options; manually or automatically.

Note: if you go with the automatic car option, the driving license you’ll get will contain restriction code 1.

If you succeed in your first Attempt, the trainer will give you Alif “A” grade. Now you have to be ready for the final Attempt or test. After passing your final test, you’ll get your driving license.


So, here we explain two common ways of applying for a driving license in Saudi Arabia; it’s up to you for which one you will go; Applying for a driving license online or applying for a driving license by visiting the office. Besides, we mentioned the basic requirements for further convenience. Lastly, the applicant’s medical test report is the compulsory part; it should never miss, so take it while applying.

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