EFADA medical report status for new Iqama

A person who comes to Saudi Arabia must undergo a medical test, especially on a resident visa or expatriate. The Efada Medical Centre must approve this medical test of the Govt. of KSA. For performing this test, you should visit any nearest approved medical center throughout the SA. However, for checking Efada Medical Report status, you can visit the e-service (Efada-service) page on the official website of KSA (MoH).

Watch a quick video to review your Efada medical report if you’re in a hurry.

Things required performing Efada Medical Test

You must need Efada Medical Test when looking for Iqama issuance in Saudi Arabia. So here is a list of requirements that you must have in your hands while performing this.

  • Your passport copies with visa page
  • Your photograph must be a passport size
  • Efada Medical Test Fee that is almost 200 Saudi Riyal

 Go to the nearest medical center withholding all these necessaries. They’ll take your blood and urine. Plus, they’ll do your X-ray for complete body analysis. After completing the examination, you’ll be able to check your medical report status online on the Efada website via (MOH).

There are two ways of checking Efada Medical Report Status for new Iqama; Check Medical Report Status via Efada and Check Medical Report Status MOH website.

1-Check Medical Report Status via Efada Website

Step 1: Go to the Efada Website

Step 2: Enter the “Border Number

Step 3: Enter the Sponsor Id”

Step 4: Choose “Iqama issuance” and then press the “Search” button

After this, you can see your Medical report status on the next page

Your displayed medical report contains the following information

  • Your name
  • Health center name
  • Your result number
  • Your report status
  • Issuance date of the report
  • The expiry date of the report

2-Check Medical Report Status via MOH

MOH is basically, the Ministry of Health of the KSA; you may go for this option and check your medical report status via it. It holds the same procedure as the e-service or Efada-service website.

Step 1: Go to the Efada Website

Step 2: Enter the “Border Number”

Step 3: Enter the “Sponsor Id

Step 4: Choose “Iqama issuance” and then press the “Search” button

After this, you can see your Medical report status on the screen

Note: MOH is also linked with the Efada so that you can see your reports on both sites.

However, some queries regarding the Border Number and Sponsor Id are coming from? By most people. Hence, to eliminate confusion, we take a brief description of both.

Border Number and Sponsor ID

As a Border Number is an integral part of checking Efada’s medical report status, you should be clear about it. It’s a ten-digit number allotted by the KSA to every expatriate when they come to SA. It is a handwritten digit and presents your password next to the Saudi immigration stamp. However, sometimes expatriates don’t find it on the password, so they should seek help from Absher and check it via Absher by giving their visa number and issuance date.

Secondly, the Sponsor Id, it’s the second key element that you must need if you are going to check your report via the MOH website. Like Border number, it also consists of 10-digits, but this number is only assigned to an organization. So if you are an employee, you must hold Sponsor Id from your organization or company.

You can check it on your employee card. If it doesn’t hold, then request company HR to give you. Moreover, you may get your Sponsor Id by checking the visa on your passport.

On Efada, you’ll get all types of medical reports; including, General medical reports, resident medical reports, medical reports for Iqama issuance, medical reports for new employment, and medical reports for renewing a license.


We tried to cover each aspect, from going for the Efada medical test to what things you’ll need to take. Then, how to check your report status online via Efada-website or e-services for the issuance of new Iqama. Besides, for more clarification, we’ll explain the Border Number and Sponsor Id that you have entered while checking your report online. Hopefully, it’s become easier for you to check the online status of your Efada report.

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