How to check Iqama Red-Green Colour Status online (Nitaqat)

In this blog, we will discuss How you can check Iqama Red-Green Colour status online. In order to get a better understanding of colour status let’s read about what Iqama Red-Green colour status is.

What is Iqama Red-Green Colour Status?

Following the Saudization program initiated by the Saudi government in 2011, Nitaqat or Iqama colour status is used to determine the number of Saudi nationals employed in any private firm. This program was started to ensure that Saudi citizens are given better employment opportunities than international expatriates. 

It also helps an expatriate predict the chance of getting a job in any private company. It should be kept in mind that the Iqama colour status of a domestic worker or dependent cannot be checked using the MOL website online.

How you can check Iqama Red-Green Colour Status online:

You can now quickly check the Iqama colour status of the company you are currently working in using the official Saudi ministry of labour website. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to doing this.

  • Open the MOL KSA’s Inquiry Page. Next, enter either your Iqama, Passport, or Border number in the specified slot and enter the image captcha code correctly.
  • After you are done, press the green button and wait for your screen to load. Now, you will be shown all your important details including full name, work permit number and employment status. Look for the Iqama Colour Status on this page to check your company‚Äôs Nitaqat colour.

How to read your Iqama Red-Green colour status?

Now that you have checked the Red-Green colour status of your Kafeel, how do you understand what it means? Continue reading our article to learn about different types of Iqama colour status and what they mean. 

The Nitaqat status is divided into four colours:

  • Platinum
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

Platinum Category:

This is the highest Nitaqat status. It means that the company is doing amazingly according to the Saudi nationalisation program and has many Saudi nationals working in it.

Green Category:

If your employing company has a green Nitaqat status, you have nothing to worry about. It is achieving good progress with more than half of its workers being Saudi nationals. 

Companies with green colour status have a higher chance of accepting foreign workers and allowing them to change their professions. You can also transfer your sponsorship from a red status private company to one with green status without requiring the permission of your Kafeel.

Yellow Category:

Previously, having a yellow Iqama colour status meant that an employer was below average at the Saudi nationalisation program and had moderately low Saudi nationals working in it. However, as per the recent Saudi law of 2020, all firms with the yellow category are being moved to the red one as the yellow Nitaqat status is being permanently removed.

Red Category:

This is the worst-case scenario for any private firm in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If your Kafeel has red Nitaqat status, it is not allowed to accept foreign workers at all, nor can it renew their Iqamas once they have expired.

Companies with red colour status can not transfer sponsorships and stop their workers from moving to a green status. Lastly, no private company can expand or open another branch in the country while having red colour status.


And with that, we conclude our article about the procedure to check your Iqama Red-Green Colour Status online using the MOl website. We hope this helps you learn about the different Iqama colour statuses and what they mean for Saudi and foreign expatriates working in that specific private company.

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