How to check Huroob status on Iqama online?

Before explaining how you can check the Huroob status of your Iqama let’s tell you what Huroob is:

What is Huroob status?

A Huroob status on their Iqama is the biggest fear of every expatriate working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is issued if an expatriate is absent from work for more than a specific time or has not attended work at all. Anyone with a Huroob status is prohibited in Saudi Arabia and cannot work or reside legally in the country.

Let’s Find out how to check Huroob status on Iqama online?

Considering the details mentioned above about Huroob’s status, every expatriate must check their Iqama for it from time to time. You can now do this by following either of our simple methods below!

Method one: Using the Absher portal:

This is the easiest way to check Huroob status on your Iqama. However, you need to have an active and registered Absher account for this. 

  1. Start by opening the Absher portal on your device. You can do this by clicking on the link:
  2. Next, please enter your username and password in their respective slots. Once you have done this, click the sign-in button.
  3. If you are unable to log into your account using the Absher website, it means that your account is inactive and therefore your iqama has Huroob status issued against it. On the other hand, if you successfully log In to your account, you don’t need to worry about Huroob status for now and are good to go!

Method two: Using the MOL website:

This method applies to all those not registered on the Absher portal. 

  1. Open the official ministry of labour website for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Next, fill in your Iqama number and image captcha code correctly and press the next button.
  2. Once your screen has refreshed, check your employment status on it. If it says Absent from work, it means you have an invalid iqama and Huroob status. Whereas, on the duty indicates that you are still free to reside and work in Saudi Arabia legally.

Here is the picture for better understanding:

How to check Huroob status

Final Words:

And with that being said, we conclude our article about the ways to check your Huroob status on Iqama online. We hope this helps you complete the process of checking whether your Iqama is valid or not without any difficulties.

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